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While we love growing Native NZ species, we still like to grow other little bits and pieces to keep life interesting.   Here is a small snippet of additional items we have for sale within the 'tropicals' branch.


Mixed Succulents

Mixed Succulents

A mixed selection of succulents are available.   These range for carpet to upright varieties, in many colours.

1.3L Pot  $5 - $10 each


Tractor Seat

Ligularia Reniformis

Lush, giant leaves shaped like a tractor seat.  A hugely popular perennial loved for its impressive size and glossy leaves.  A lover of frequent moisture.

1.3 L Pot $10 each


Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica

Rubber Plant is a large tree with wide oval, glossy leaves.   An ornamental species, often grown as a houseplant.

1.3L Pot

$20-$30 each

Ficus Elastica


Dinosaur Prints

Ctenanthe Compressa

A stunning, clump forming plant.   It grows large, slender, bright green leaves.  Grows well as an indoor or outdoor plant.  


1.3L Pot $20 each


Oi Oi

Apodasmia similis

This NZ native reed is a great choice for wet or dry problem areas. Also known as jointed rush as the delicate grey-green leaves have brown markings or joints at various points along the leaf length.  It grows in full sun and prefers damp, swampy areas and can grow in water also. It will also tolerate dry areas once established and is also suitable to growing in containers. It can cover large areas as it spreads by runners.

1.3L Pot.   $10 each



Clivia Miniata

Clivia Miniata, or bush lily, is a species of flowering plant, native to woodland habitats in South Africa.

Our Clivia are seed grown, from orange, yellow and red origins.   These plants haven't yet flowered, so lucky dip on colour ways.


1.3 L Pot $5 each

.7L Pot  - 2 for $5

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