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Cuteness Helper

Our tiny little helper -seeding Ti Kouka

Lockdown Project

Lucky enough to have some things we could take home and work on during lockdown August 2021

Full House Again......

Waiting for shelter house to be built to hold all these precious seedlings

The Old Cowshed

At one stage, we had mud everywhere, and no where for plants, so we stored them in an old cowshed to grow

The humble backyard

The backyard patio was taken over when we first started, with seed trays, cuttings, and a few plants

Shelter House

It didn't take long to fill the shelter house, while still in construction

Our Little Nursery Helpers

Taking a break from running around playing.....these two are the best of friends

Went to check on the sprinklers one summer evening, and just loved how the water looked in the sunlight!

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