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This is our range of other plants, many suitable for home gardens, hedges, or landscaping projects.


Red AkeAke

Dodonaea Viscosa 'Purple'

A hardy coastal shrub or small tree.   While not a true native, these are often grown in riparian strips for colour and texture.  In certain conditions it will grow up to 4m high.   It is drought tolerant and will handle light frosts.  Makes an incredible hedge if kept trimmed.  Needs full sun.


1.3L Pot  $7 each

Bulk buy discount available




Deep green foliage and keeps its compact growth form.  Maximum height of 10-25cm these make incredible borders or easy care mass plantings.

1.3L Pots $7 each

Bulk buy discount available



Salvia Rosmarinus

Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen shrub.   Free draining soil is required, as it full sun.  Easily grown in pots.  Rosemary grow quickly, so are great as a well form trimmed hedge.   Up to 1.5m

Available in 1.3L Pots $6 each

Bulk buy discount available


White Sisyrinchium

Macounii Albam

Pretty white flowers with yellow eye are produced spring through to late summer on grass like foliage.

Full sun/part shade.

15cm height

.7L Pot.  $5 each


Devon Skies

Sisyrinchium Angustifolium

A compact, clump like growing perennial with dark green foliage.   Flowers are star-shaped, blue, with yellow centres.   Best planted in well drained soils.

1.3 L Pot     $5 each


Black Stem Taro

Colocasia Black Stem

Very large heart shaped leaves that are a shiny purple black with a smokey cast and prominent veining on multiple stalks. Evergreen and easy to grow.

Frost tender.

PB5 - PB12.  $15 each


Tractor Seats

Ligularia Reniformis

Lush, giant leaves shaped like a tractor seat.  A hugely popular perennial loved for its impressive size and glossy leaves.  A lover of frequent moisture.

1.3 L Pot $10 each


Blue Rockets

Aristea Major

Clump forming perennials with tall, sword-like foliage.   Produces tall flower stems with clusters of brilliant blue flowers.

These are currently approx. 40 cm high, and not yet flowering

1.3L Pot

$10 each



Corokia 'Frosted Chocolate'

Grows to approximately 3m, this plant makes an incredible dense hedge popular for coastal and urban areas.  Chocolate brown in colour, which intensifies in winter.  Evergreen.


NB. About half of our corokia are grown from eco-sourced seed, the other half by local cuttings.   Please advise if you would specifically like either.

Available in 1.3 L Pots.  $7 each

Bulk buy discount available


Mixed Hydrangeas


From fluffy looking mop heads, to lace caps, compact snowball, and the peculiar looking paniculatas. Hydrangea are a vigorous hardy plant and is quick to establish. Coming in an array of different shapes, sizes and colours. They are great as a gap filler in borders and can even be grown in pots. Hydrangeas are a fantastic long lasting cut flower to enjoy in a vase.

1.3L Pot.   $10 each


Wild Iris

Dietes Grandiflora

A drought tolerant hardy perennial plant, Dietes (Dietes grandiflora) or Wild Iris makes a wonderful addition to the garden, especially if you want a plant that is low maintenance. They have dark green strappy leaves and flower through early summer in shades of white, yellow & mauve.

1.3L Pot.    $5 each



Plaintain Lillies

Shade loving plants, with an impressive green foliage.  Grown from seed, our hosta are healthy vibrant plants.   Dormant over winter, creating a brilliant display of new growth in Spring.

1.3L Pot.   $10 each

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