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How do I order?

Please email us on the button below with your plant requirements.  We will let you know our current availability and whether you qualify for large order discount rates.

Can I collect?

Yes, you can collect from Strandon, New Plymouth by prior arrangement, and we may be able to deliver for bulk orders.    Please just ask.   

Our Bell Block nursery in Taranaki is open by APPOINTMENT ONLY for large orders.   

Please phone 027 358 4217

Are my native plants ecosourced?

The majority of our native plants are grown from eco-sourced seed within Taranaki.   We occasionally grow from cutting, or outsource plants for requested projects.  We also recycle as many of our pots as possible, so if you are getting a bulk lot, we would love to get your pots back again.

Can I get 'cheap' plants?

We have a lot of people asking for bulk /'cheap' plants.   We do have 'wholesale' pricing for larger quantities of plants, & we sometimes have a range of seconds, which may be a little spindly or slightly crooked.  Please ask if these are available in the species you require.


Established in 2021, we are a family business based in Bell Block, Taranaki. 

Wherever possible, our business sources local native seeds, nurturing these into healthy plants ready for you to plant on your property.


We have plants suitable for riparian areas, hedging, new developments, & home gardening.  We also supply outside the Taranaki Region, we are happy to discuss delivery options.

*Some of our seeds, and/or plants may be sourced from outside of the Taranaki area.  Please ask if you are interested, we are happy to advise. 

Our focus is to re-use, reduce, recycle wherever possible, while enhancing the native plantings in our region.   Our pots are 90% re-used after being collected from local riparian projects.  Our soil is sourced locally, and to date 100% of our water is collected via rainfall.

Click button below to see our gallery of our journey from the humble backyard seed trays to our fantastic nursery.


Pre-determined random species pack of 50 clearance plants.    These are seconds, and can be a variety of up to 10 plants.


$1,250 inc GST

250 Plants


This pack is a fantastic riparian starter pack.   For anyone who has land and wants to plant native trees, this is a super saver way of doing it.   These are all top quality plants, but at reduced prices because of volume.   These come with a minimum of 5 varieties, and a maximum of 10.

Species which could be included; Kowhai, Ti Kouka, Flax, Five Finger, Corokia, Karamu, Karaka, Ake Ake, Manuka, Tarata, Koromiko, Karo

Please let us know what zone (LMU) you wish to plant in.

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Budget Riparian    Pack

$350 inc GST

100 Plants


This pack is a variety of riparian New Zealand Native plants.   A minimum of 3 varieties, and a maximum of 10.   These are clearance, and seconds stock at heavily reduced prices.

Species which could be included;  Kowhai, Ti Kouka, Flax, Corokia, Karamu, Karaka, Ake Ake, Manuka, Tarata, Kohuhu, Koromiko, Karo

Please let us know what zone (LMU) you wish to plant in.

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